Eyebrook / Ross Baker [foot215] (2013.04.14)

foot215 cover image

Release notes

This time, not as Second Thought nor Obliquity, but his real name. After a trilogy of acoustic-based records, Ross Baker returns to a more electronic approach for Eyebrook. Named after the reservoir in Leicestershire, England, the album paints of a picture of the waterside and its wildlife. This rural sound is sculpted from a tapestry of 80s sounding synths, melotrons, acid house basslines, acoustic drones, breakbeats, and of course a sprinkling of acoustic guitar and piano. A wildly varied - and yet thematically consistent - album.


Track list

  1. Daybreak (Reservoir) (3:01)
  2. The Wind-Up Bird (3:59)
  3. Eyebrook (2:51)
  4. The Pillars of the Earth (4:04)
  5. Crepuscular (1:36)
  6. Last of the Curlews (10:49)
  7. Snakefish (3:58)
  8. Storm Front (5:32)
  9. Almost Frozen (4:12)
  10. World Without End (5:03)

MP3, total time 45:06, total size 79.4MB