Transparent Order / Cagey House [foot226] (2014.08.10)

foot226 cover image

Release notes

"These tracks are basically collages, and they all have a kind of symmetrical form. There's a lot of repetition and slight variation throughout. Some are modeled on song, and others are modeled on incantation. All of them are fairly playful, and although there are some sharp edges, they tend to be folded inward." Cover art is by Brandi Strickland.


Track list

  1. Maybe I'll Try It (3:10)
  2. Save Me Save Me (2:39)
  3. A Good Morning (3:43)
  4. Witches A Through Z (3:59)
  5. That's Pretty Good News (2:53)
  6. Tool Tool (2:42)
  7. How Did You Do That Trick (2:45)

MP3, total time 21:52, total size 39.9MB