AKNM / Ajsav Kajrog & Neuf Meuf [foot245] (2015.07.12)

foot245 cover image

Release notes

Ajsav Kajrog & Neuf Meuf are 2 musicians from Radenci, Slovenia. Their music is a blend of electroacoustics in ambient with a touch of ethno and experimental music. Ajsav Kajrog played saxophone, trumpet, rain maker, cabasa, kalimba, ocarina, fisherman's bells, frog sound maker, small bell, balafon, voice, field recording, and programming. Neuf Meuf played synths, sampling, and FX. Arranged and mixed by Neuf Meuf. Cover photo by Ajsav.


Track list

  1. AKNM1 (7:04)
  2. AKNM2 (8:09)
  3. Sirena (7:09)
  4. AKNM versus F__k Bugs by Gredo─Ź (4:55)
  5. Prazen Praznik (7:14)

MP3, total time 34:31, total size 57.6MB