Music For Sleepers / Gridline [foot253] (2016.04.24)

foot253 cover image

Release notes

After two years of silence, Gridline came back. "This is a collection of tracks I created in the last two years. They are all in some way connected to dreams, sleep, night time, and other similar themes. Music For Sleepers is the sequel to the previous album Videogame, but it is about another virtual reality. This is the music for all the people, because we all sleep and dream, but it is not the music to fall asleep to."


Track list

  1. These Waves Of You (4:52)
  2. SLEEP! (2:08)
  3. Insomnia (4:15)
  4. Dead Souls (Nightmare Rave) (5:01)
  5. REM (3:54)
  6. Nightwalk (3:03)
  7. Foul O (Minor Imperfections) (2:42)
  8. Sleepers (STOL II) (3:58)
  9. Robot Dreams (2:58)
  10. A Lullaby For The Impossible (Outro) (2:16)

MP3, total time 35:07, total size 63.2MB