Tha / Bledi Boraku [foot262] (2017.04.16)

foot262 cover image

Release notes

Tha is the first release by Bledi Boraku from Albania. The album consists of acoustic and electronic, post-rock and ambient, alternative and experimental.


Bledi Boraku
Guitars (Bass, Electric, Baritone, Classical, Acoustic), Synthesizers, Piano, Sampling, Audio Programming, Vocals, Percussions, Recorder, Oud.
Dritëro Nikqi
Guitar, Bass, Electric Piano, Synthesizers, Drums
Arbër Salihu
Vocal on koha.2
Linda Rukaj
Vocal on koha.3
Lutheriana Blissett
Voiceover on koha.3
Rron Qena
Darbouka on koha.2 and koha.3
Mardit Lleshi
Cello on koha.4
Eni Haxholli
Flute on Ndalese_1
Ermal Rodi
Clarinet on koha.4
  • Music composed by Bledi Boraku
  • Recorded, edited and pre-mixed @ UOU, Tirana
  • Mixed and produced by Dritëro Nikqi @ Studio C, Prishtina
  • Mastered by Michael Haves @ The Cop Shop, Berlin
  • Artwork : Paintings (Oil on Canvas) by Dritan Hyska


Track list

  1. Hyrje (1:06)
  2. koha.1 (7:19)
  3. Ndalese_1 (1:10)
  4. koha.2 (11:25)
  5. Ndalese_2 (1:15)
  6. koha.3 (14:10)
  7. Ndalese_3 (0:49)
  8. koha.4 (6:50)
  9. Dalje (2:00)

MP3, total time 46:03, total size 73.3MB