Rand Corp / Jonas Reif [foot273] (2018.03.18)

foot273 cover image

Release notes

The first release in 2018 came from Denmark. Jonas Reif provided us three track EP. Svimmel (means dizzy): "I wanted this track to express shifting emotions, I also wanted to blend different signature elements of genres such as acid, DnB, Breakbeat". Faser (means phases): A movement through different states of mind. Flerform (means multiple forms): "I was inspired by 80's aesthetics and old skool funk, which I wanted to put in the context of acid/IDM".


Track list

  1. Svimmel (6:34)
  2. Faser (6:45)
  3. Flerform (14:02)

MP3, total time 27:21, total size 51.8MB