Ambient Box / Rog [foot287] (2021.01.24)

foot287 cover image

Release notes

Rog's second release from foot side is a compilation of ambient tracks. "The concept for this material was conceived on the idea of mantras and prayers. Every sound was recorded through my daily experience in the environment I live, specially in these circumstances worldwide bringing a different layers of what I usually go for dance beats. I wanted to preserve a lot of techno elements in each track without losing what I wanted to bring to the table - meditation in a noisy city where sound pollution is real. I questioned myself how I can organize all these sounds and make them intimate and beautiful."


Track list

  1. Consequences (5:46)
  2. Choices (10:57)
  3. Dreams (6:13)
  4. No Mystery (5:22)
  5. Look Outward (7:18)
  6. Look Inward (13:13)

MP3, total time 48:49, total size 96.1MB