XRNDWANDN / Gabriele [foot289] (2022.01.30)

foot289 cover image

Release notes

XRNDWANDN by Gabriele is a 7 track EP, made of sci-fi concept. "A foreign form of life living in a very far planet calls 'xrndwandn' the process through which vegetables eat, seeking water and nutrients from the soil once water evaporates from leaves. These particles trip can be a metaphor of what we choose to assimilate and of what cyclically keeps us alive and well."


Track list

  1. Soil (1:12)
  2. Root In (1:42)
  3. Leave In (1:51)
  4. Sun In (1:45)
  5. Burnt (3:30)
  6. Lean On (2:02)
  7. Pull Out (1:33)

MP3, total time 13:35, total size 23.3MB