Following the DaDa nursery rhymes tradition, Karl & Karlik uses a band's title, which can be rendered into other languages only phonetically. (A male name "Karl" is accompanied with a quasi cognate "karlik", the latter actually means "a dwarf in Russian). The band's title starts the beat pulsation of their music. Karl & Karlik originates from Kursk (Central Russia), the lineup consists of two multi-instrumentalists, Leps Dubasov and Pavel Malikhov. Since early 1990s the both members have been playing in tons of electronic music bands, guitar only bands and electro rock bands. The main difference of Karl & Karlik from the previous projects hides in the way of composing. Instead of writing songs or tracks, the guys just make music. Each rehearsal turns into the dialogue of individual, pre-thought ideas; the only thing they care is sound engineering. Along with cult synthesizers like Mini Moog or Polivox, the musicians are equipped with unique hand made synths specially created for the band's purposes. Rehearsals are maniacally being recorded, Karl & Karlik find only one medium worth using - the tape. 2015 faces the second period of the project's activity after the first one in 2008-2009 and several years of hiatus. Come out and play approach has rapidly made Karl & Karlik residents of local open air parties and night club indoor parties. They prefer to perform two or three hours non stop. This is the way they can express themselves and complete the image.

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