The Boy With a Broken Leg


"A boy... a domestic accident... a broken leg... The Boy with a Broken Leg was born!"

Femur, femoral condyle, internal malleolus, astragalus, calcaneum, metatarsus, rotula, tibia, perone, external malleolus, cuboid... can also be broken bones!

A violent break of a bone or of a hard cartilage : "We heal the breaks by the immobilization of the offended parts."

Born in Lisbon, Portugal and raised in a house with a view to the Zoo's elephants, A Boy spent hours looking at it.

Being a typical melomaniac teenager, he started to play guitar very early, first in a classical music school until he joined the Conservatório Nacional de Lisboa. In 1999, a domestic accident happened. Listening to music at home, he accidentally kicked the bed and broke a toe! During the resting period he had proliferous days and recorded the first songs in a small and awful tape recorder. Despite the broken toe, he said it was a broken leg and called himself The Boy with a Broken Leg. "It sounds better than The boy with a Broken Toe!", said he.

The bone then healed and he became member of projects such as Porno's Pictorial Place, 3Blind Mice and Le Petit Point. At the same time, parallelly, he kept recording as The Boy with a Broken Leg, to pull out his emotions and dreams. Nevertheless, the injury still haunted him and he didn't know when it would be healed, and thus concluded it was a product of his own brain.

Since then he joined Essay Collective - an artistic collectivity – with whom he released his first issues, and the project Puget Sound. At present he's not working on these projects, but is working on his own with a lot of help from several friends.

You can find most of his work right here, for free.

Break a leg!!!

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