Lingering Last Drops


Lingering Last Drops is the project of the Brazilian Carlos Paraná (CFCP), which started in 2006. It all began with a Roland EG101 keyboard, a cheap guitar and audacity. The focus at the time was ambient music. It is based around two core players : CFCP (São Paulo, Brazil) and Maeder Morris (USA). Both taking care of instrumentaion and CFCP operating the DAW as well as other mixing and technical aspects. We started to try vocals on the experiments (there were voices before, but they were spoken and not exactly sung) and from 2007 to 2009, we tried our best to create music which allow us to insert vocals. The band gathered what was considered the most representative work of those period and sent to the Brazilian netlabel Sinewave, which released our debut (self-titled) in August 2009. On that album, there were elements easily found on shoegaze. In August 2010 another album called "Daylight, or Something Similar" was released in digital format. It is very different from the previous record. Less ethereal, more rhythmic, but (purposely) out of focus. Beyond the genres already mentioned, other influences like gospel, blues and exercises on silence (such a powerful tool rarely used) can be heard. Since the record "no" in 2013, Maeder Morris role has become more and more important and currently the vocal duties are split around both players. The goal was to create a balance between ambience, noise, silence, structure, destruction, precision and error. On previous ocasions, we adapted materials to fit vocals but this time they were featured only when we felt it could complement the song.

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