We are a blend of inventiveness, heart and a desire to experiment with traditional sounds which identify Latin-america with the aim of making music, celebrate and sign about reality. Our musical basis are electronic and digital synthesis, incidental recording samplings, dub, and cumbia; all this being abridged with a thundered bass and dark and rock rhythms in order to produce what we call the "Dark Dumbia" sound. The project has two versions depending on the type of concert and venues. The first is a three members band playing with laptops, midi controllers and video projector. The second is a four members band adding bass and drums. The live show includes real time VJing and mapping creating a meaningful graphic atmosphere for the audience.

  • Seth Tse : neurofunk
  • Diablectic : IDM
  • Siniestro : VJing and mapping
  • Misteryhambre : Percs
  • Dark Souldier : Drums


Release list