Neotnas - music project from Chelyabinsk which structure includes two musicians which do not manage, perhaps, any large festival of independent music in Ural (Russia): Electroline (Chelyabinsk), I.D.M.ology (Ekaterinburg), and thematic cool parties in club Garage Underground (Chelyabinsk). The group is actively engaged in live performances and studio work, but besides it, participates in various interesting media projects: music to performances "The Returning" (2005), "White dance" (theatre-studio "Aritmia", 2006), music to performance "Sports for idiots" (studio "Dummy", 2006), new soundtrack to the first film of horrors "Das Cabinet Des Dr Caligari" (dir. R.Vine, Germany, 1919) within the limits of the project "Electrotheatre" (2006). Neotnas was already featured on compilations "Slavosonic", "Space will be ours!", and the long-awaited debut album "Spak deti", including the best tracks of the period 2004-2006 now follows.

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