The Pencil-Case


I started making music in 2001, with Aphex Twin and Autechre as main influences, as well as several breakbeat producers, with the time, my sound evolved, thanks to my many listenings of Boards of Canada, Bonobo, Amon Tobin or Telefon Tel Aviv. Now, I think that I'm more influenced by artists like Apparat, Chris Clark or The Flashbulb, an also by a lot of post-rock bands (The Dead Sea, Remember Remember), that influence isn't technically present in the sound but I think it can be noticed in the sensibility and the "songwriting" of the tracks. I'm working alone, with my computer, and a few machines, sometimes with an electric guitar (I also listen to a lot of rock music, from post-rock to sludge well as jazz, and hip-hop, when it's original).

Release list