Push And Play


Push And Play is a music project by Bayu Virgian Priandito (Programer, Analogue Synth, Midi Control) and Faris Alkatiri (Player Leptop, Midi Control), from Bogor, Indonesia. In 2010, this duo has been working on experimental music in area of electronic pop - indietronic instrumental. Push And Play has been doing lots of experiment in the songs making using toy musical instrument and custom equipment, so the sounds that produced were so unique with a hint of a pop music taste that is so catchy, and unique at the same time. Push And Play produces self made instrument with a bending circuit process. Bayu and Faris love toy musical instruments such as Glockenspiel, Melodica, and any toys that produces any sounds like Toy Phones, Radio, Nintendo DS Lite. Bayu and Faris also capable to produce and combine different sounds from different instrument as a harmony.

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