Real name Janis Kalnins, born in 1984. There is nothing more than sounds around us. Every piece on earth that you hear consists of various noises. Going back in history - former interests about electronic music were in the beginning of nineties, when he was crazy little young boy. Listening to locally manufactured VEF radio, he heard something pathetic and different, than daily radio or TV track order. It was native radio show with DJs from Latvia about dance music in those days. Then he heard such names as Westbam, Africa Bambataa, Kraftwerk and many others. As the years went by, there were many new musical experiences and revelations. It was about middle of nineties, when he somehow overheard Adam F's "Circles". This song was so touching and familiar, that it is still in QX#55 playlist. This style, Drum and bass a.k.a. Jungle then seemed so new, unusual, strange, energetic and attractant. When it was about the time to step into the new millennium, he turned up to do something in electronic music scene. Making sounds and noises with all the kind of things was a trade for all life, but then this thing became as a serious way of rendering thoughts and senses into musical experience. A good while passed when those artworks were shown in public, developing never stops and it's needed for better outcome. The variation of styles is unlimited; most important thing is music and emotions, caused by every piece of sound that you generate. Describing the music is not easy, because music gives us unique emotions, which can be unusual for everyone of us. Creating music is like drawing a picture. In every part of the process, artist has got the final product in the head, but others can't see the way, he does. The assumed name QX#55 has no relevant meaning. It can be attached by various senses, but if anyone wants know now one of them, here we go: Q is like a question, why can't we see the true colors of the rainbows in the "canvas", X is like a secret that will never be exposed and the number fifty five is QX#55 lucky number. Who knows, maybe this story is wrong... Music is the answer.

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