Sr. Ruido


Sr. Ruido was born in Mexico in 1985. From early age, he has been influenced to the music that your father listened and that his brother and sister were tuning in the radio. At 14 he began a trip onto different music style like rock, reggae, ska, instrumental and electronic music, in search of the style which his music is identified with, and adopted the eletronic music. He went to a party where some local DJs played house, deep house, techno drum 'n' bass, etc. which were introduced in the 2004 to the musical production, in search of collaborating with some tracks in the local scene, but at the end of that year he met minimal, IDM, micro house, these are the styles that have influenced their style and the way to produce until now.

Thanks to Rubinskee, DJ Acid Kit and all my friends who believe in me.


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