Sea Munkees


A couple of car rental desk operator, an insurer, a real estate agent and a guy that still do not understand what work has. The Sea Munkees. None of them had never played an instrument until three years ago and can not be said to be experts on the music, but when they perform... something happens. Born in Treviso, just a few steps from Venice. They write their songs during lunch or between a customer and another. We are often asked what kind of music we play, but we do not know us well. So we let the others to say to us. Beach Rock, Trash Surf, Fun Funky Rock and many, many other adjectives. In the end we only Rock... and we love it.

  • Carlo Burei : drum / percussion
  • Stefano Codato : lead guitar / ukulele
  • Michele Pupo: guitar / choirs
  • Valentino Toffoletto : lead vocal / wazoo
  • Andrea Trotta : bass


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