Tracy Chow


Tracy Horenbein has music in her bloodlines. Her grandfather played in a dixieland jazz band, her uncle played drums with Charlie Parker, and her mother was a jazz singer. Tracy grew up in a home filled with the golden era jazz that her parents loved. By the end of the 80s, Tracy was paving her own musical path by starting her first band. Gothic Playground was a punk band that toured, released a full-length album, several cassettes, and shared the stage with legendary bands like Bad Brains and Flaming Lips. Tracy has contunied to play music alongside many artists of various genres. She created the Florida-based music collective "Book of the Chow Chow" with several friends, and currently creates solo music under the moniker Tracy Chow. She is a multi-instrumentalist who writes, records, produces, and publishes music for video, television, and film. Tracy and her producer/engineer husband Chan run the recording studio Komplex, located in a shire in North Florda. When not making music, she enjoys rescuing animals and playing with swords.

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