cHMa was born in Mexico in 1977. From early age cHMa always feels especially attraction for the music, when he discovered the electronic music and the art of mix music he began to go to raves in his city, but was around of 2003, he and his brother began to produce music influenced for the house music and techno. In 2004 he began to listen minimal and experimental electronic music. Fascinated for these music he decided to produce minimal. cHMa always tryes to combine the synthetic and organic of electronic music in his productions ; "Minimal Deep to warm up the party, Minimal house to make people dance."

I want to say thanks to:

  • My friend Javier Reyes Delpech for collaborating with me in this project. The art of cover is thanks to him.
  • My friends Rubinskee and DJ Acid Kit for their support.


Release list