Drugstore project began at the beginning of 2009, as union of members of the spanish collective Bayona Music, as a way to express the musical interests of their components. In its early bet on the creation of very diverse music, "touching" many styles in the electronic music. Another bet was to publish music for free, on licensed Creative Commons netlabels, where Drugstore music fit in very well from the start. At this stage came the releases on netlabels as important as Antiritmo (ES), Ignored Records (ES), Offaudio (ES) or Zimmer (DE). They were also warmly welcomed the podcasts published on netlabels like Loopzilla (DE) or Mixotic (DE). During the year 2010, the goal has remained the same, hold and gain respect within the netlabel world and try on the other hand be publishing in labels for payment. Today, the 2 objectives have been met. In the facet netlabel have reached releases on netlabels like AudioExit (HU), Inoquo (ES), Zimmer (DE), Subversive Media (UK), among others. On the payment side seals have been published Drugstore's tracks on Naked Lunch (PT) and M_REC (IT), the latter being a full EP. About sets, have also achieved major milestones, getting to play their sets on radioshows such as Beton, Mantis or B_Side (among others) and publishing on netlabels like Mixotic (DE) or TechnoPodcast (EN). Another milestone achieved in 2010 was the return to the radio, in "Cultura Techno" radioshow, where Drugstore guys collaborate with their section "Bayona Techno Music", making bios of renowned techno artists and presenting tracks from netlabel world. The goal for years to come is simple, at the same time difficult to achieve. On the one hand, keep betting on the free music, by supporting the netlabels and creating music with more underground touches. On the other hand, consolidate into the electronic scene, strengthening its techno sound and trying to publish and collaborate with top artists and newcomers on the music scene. Drugstore music have been supported, reviewed and played by DJs and producers of the electronic music scene from all over the world. Including Dosem (ES), Nuke (ES), Exium (ES), Bas Mooy (NE), A.Paul (PT) or DVNT (UK), among others.

Release list