Gozne is a chilean electronic musician, born in 1970 in Valparaiso (city inheritance of the humanity) in Chile, Latin America. Listening to "Oxigene" of J. M. Jarre in 1978, he started enjoying electronic music. Later, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, and electro pop in the 80's, revolutionized his mind. He made a project with a friend, but no stay in conformity with this and realized a solitary project in 1990, a experimental project that couldn't record by absence of economical middles. In 1995, he formed the electronic body music band called Alvania together with a friend Vinko, obtaining good reception and recorded a CD "Estado de coma", a live CD "Alvania en Vivo" and various live shows until they stopped acting in 2000. After interval of 5 years, he came back with a new name Gozne, and returned to experiment electronic music with a EP "Viviseccion" in March 2006. Today, having interest in IDM, glitch, experiment and minimal music and making use of internet, many people aspiring to listen to his productions. For making his sound, Gozne used analog synthesizers mixed with new computer technologies.

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