Ilya Zonov


Ilya was born 1984 in St-Petersburg. As a lot of kids in this time his parents sent him in a music school in hope he'll get in love with music. But the real love awake in him some time later and it was not classical music like Bach or Beethoven but music of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Rock'n'roll is also alive for Ilya today. After Rock'n'roll he felt in love with Techno music, which is actually an important part of Ilya's life. It began with tapes of Marusha, Perplexer, Prodigy and mixes from old school St-Petersburg DJs like DJ Slon, Demidov, Steeve. In the same time he got a PC and he began to experiment with music software. Generally experimenting and aspiration for new musical/rhythmic forms a most important part in Ilya's music. In his first release on Audio 808 he concentrates on a special harmonics and deep melodical elements, but now, it becomes more abstraction and an stronger rhythmical part, making his music more contemporary and minimalistic.

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