Jovem Palerosi


Jovem Palerosi is a musician, DJ and musical producer, graduated Federal University of São Carlos. Has experience in performances, soundtracks and workshops. As DJ in Independência ou Marte project has presented in many festivals in Brazil, Argentina and England. Produced the album Kadmirra and colaborated with the instrumental band Aeromoças e Tenistas Russas between 2010 e 2012, doing more than 50 shows on 9 states in Brazil. Realized soundtracks to short movies and to a long film named Delírios de um Cinemaníaco and in 2012 was the coordenator of DJ Residente project, creating collaborative tracks with some artists to the Modern Art Museum of São Paulo. Was selected to the project Rumos Coletivo of Itaú Cultural Institution (2010-2012), creating the group "Cadê Dona Maria?". Nowadays work with DJ Craca and collaborate frequently with some artists like Chico Correa, DJ Tudo, Axial, Loop B, Lavoura, Marcelo Armani, Falsos Conejos, Malditas Ovelhas!, Constantina, and others. In 2013 created the instrumental band named Meneio.

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