I create dark, industrial, percussion-centric music (mostly). Some people call it noise filled with tension, and it usually can be categorized as drum & bass, dubstep, and dark ambient. But, inside, I'm a quiet person who likes cloudgazing, and is also rather emotionally volatile. That's probably why I'm so into dreampop and shoegaze. I don't really write it, but I love to listen to it. Asides, lot of my philosophy revolves around sharing. Hence, I release my music for free. Said music is created using Renoise, a tracker, and a little bit of myself. For example, I make some of my synthesizers from my own voice, and some of my percussion from coughs and stomps and thumps. That sort of thing. But when not making music, I study at a small college and work on artwork and web design. I try to stay busy. Enjoy the music.


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