DJ Saint-Hubert


DJ Saint-Hubert has been seriously actively producing in Jeskola Buzz since 2006. He made a soundtrack for an Earthbound-inspired RPG Maker game around the same time. In his early works you can hear that a lot of tracks were intended for a game of some sort, one he was being considered for that never got made. He used to use a lot of samples in his early works but since then mostly drum machine samples and drum breaks, which eventually he learned to construct some decent drum sounds in Blok Modular erasing the need for samples. His more recent work from maybe 2014-2018 used a lot of strange custom tuning in nonsense scales (something like 21.87 semitones in an octave, done by using the Keytrack module in Blok Modular combined with an amp/rescale) combined with conventional scales, very odd time signatures and also more breakcore-type compositions. Eventually this got too anxiety-inducing and he got into meditation, making some new albums in mostly conventional tuning. He also briefly experimented with generative music using L-Systems, but it was more satisfying composing by hand in Jeskola Buzz. All in all he's made something like 400-500 tracks, although a lot of those he has hidden on Bandcamp because he considers them too atonal or just not up to his current standards of quality.


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