Transient Moods


I was born and raised in Amsterdam, but I'm originally from Morocco. I've been living in Amsterdam since 1982. When I was a kid my brother had an electric piano on which we used to play different melodies. Later on my brother bought me a Casio keyboard that could run on both batteries and electricity. It was fantastic and I loved it. At the age of seven my brother gave me my first what I would call Tech House. I was addicted to this tape and I used to rush home from school so that I could listen to it. After playing keyboard for many years I decided to make my own music. I started on the Roland MC 303 and later on I discovered software. First Fluid and Music on the PS one and a bit later I tried Fruityloops. I have tried different kinds of hardware, but the moment I discovered Reason I felt right at home. It's so straightforward I love it.

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