Trillion Catz


Trillion Catz is an european band from East Berlin formed in 2015. The group was formed by Michael Nordhagen (music composer and ideological representative). Michael was born in Russia but he emigrated to Germany and there he met G√ľnter Neumann (bass). All their records were issued with the labels: Soisloscerdos Netlabel (Barcelona), Pocket music (China), M-Tronic (Paris). The band moves like as electronic, darkwave, downtempo, brokenbeat, IDM and kraut. Trillion Catz is the dark sound with the brokenbeats and synth thoughtful landscapes. Their music is instrumentals but in some moments they use the vocal loops. "Unsettling beautiful condition" - they are so revealing the meaning of their music and the name of the band "Trillion Catz". The band had a few live in Berlin and Paris and New York in Fashion week 2017 for the support their mini album "the Big Numbers". Their track "Fioletovaya tape" was used for the discovery channel in the film about the expedition and climbing on the mountains.

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