Elektric Shaker / Fourths Pitch


I have been born in 1978, Portugal and have been studying music and design since I was in high school. Industrial designer, music (flute, organ), dancefloor network DJ/producer, electronic music and synth geek for more than 17 cycles. Electronic music, drum 'n' bass, electro and techno are the main variations for what I do. The synthetic warfare of our music are deep basses, kick drums, FX, synths, and keys. If you enjoy deep voyages into the music these sounds are for you. Luis Bicho - Fourths Pitch started in electronic music by the year 2000, having released in several netlabels over the internet by the name Elektric Shaker. The labels are Bump Foot, TerminalStation and Deep-X Recordings. My first band of electronic music as a live act came a few years later as MetalHearing (disbanded), after this I created a band called Subliminal Senses (active), making several workshops and a few music shows. Sketching Digital is my first label with the same propose of making music releasing 37 EPs in Juno Download, now it came the time for a change! The experience come from web projects, live performance and previous labels. We put a long term Idea into practice with this project, directed to electronic music minded persons.

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